welcome to mel hell

as if i wasnt already anxious enough about this precalc test, i found out yesterday that we arent getting any reference sheets for formulas. nice!

what if they give mr game and watch a sword

super smash bros 4 aka sword sword swords 4

another anime boy from a game i dont care about.. damn

anyway, Goodnight

magolor is a horrible driver

that will help in music theory studies except im garbage at recognizing chords/intervals hhhmmm….

ive been able to learn music by ear since i was a wee child… i accidentally learned my entire vibe part by ear in one class period today because we first played the piece in percussion ensemble a little over 2 years ago and i still remembered what it sounded like

Trev - Green Greens for Percussion Ensemble
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SO UH HEY i composed another thing. it’s a percussion ensemble arrangement of green greens done completely by ear, specifically the kirby’s epic yarn version with an ending ripped directly from smashing! live. i went a little (very) overboard with the timpani part so the difficulty level is wayyyyy above the rest of the parts. guhhhhh this took me well over a month and i’m still not completely satisfied with it, but that’s just how being a musician is, i guess @___@ anyway, enjoy! 

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FUCK i forgot nintendo direct is tomorrow and i have my first performance tomorrow night…. omg…..