hopeless aromantic

ok i am honestly wondering how someone could fuck kracko. its for uh.. scientific purposes. im studying kirby universe biology. help me out here friends

(thinks about marx soul) (sighs dreamily)

cool panel: melody talks about how they want to **** marx soul (18+ only but odnt tell anyone im 17 O__O)

My Beloved Marx Soul Calms Me Down

"welcome to the let’s read terrible kirby fanfiction panel! ok the first fic we’re gonna read is a marx soul reader insert smut fic by someone named…… melody?"

a panel where i just open up the kssu sound test and play marx soul’s scream over and over again for an hour

a panel where we all just look at dededeman’s blog for an hour

"hey guys this is my lets play the true arena panel" [keeps losing after like 2 bosses]

if you dont think theres gonna be a kirby gender headcanons panel ur DEAD wrong pal