is melody small, or just far away?

somebody take photoshop away from me


somebody take photoshop away from me


im just a simple blogger, i wake up at 4 am to tend to my meme crop, i dont want any trouble

who, home, memory, sleep :-)

i got who and home already!!

memory: i spent a lot of time exploring caves! some of them had really cool stuff in them, like glowing bodies of water, greenery like vines and palm trees, and crystals! i miss crystals especially because they were so tasty, but you cant exactly eat stuff like that with human teeth :( rock candy is a good substitute though! & the Robokin Experience for me isnt really a past life thing, more like an “i should have been a robot but i ended up in a human body for some reason?” thing

sleep: i dont dream very often so sadly ive never had any dreams about this sort of stuff.. but i do vaguely remember dreaming about talking to magolor on pop star? i dont remember the conversation, just his face

also since you wanted cravings and community:

cravings: im like constantly craving rock candy because it reminds me so much of crystals? i also get weird urges to fly sometimes but then i remember i cant.. tfw no cool wings. as for robot stuff, i always find myself wishing i could do stuff more effectively and not let my emotions get in the way of everything, but my programming is imperfect and i guess thats ok

community: gosh there are too many to count… i might have to say marxssoul just because Same Kintype but i also really love you, peeperse, dragonenby, transroll, w27734, and a certain magolor fictionkin who i should probably keep a secret for the time being :^)

outfit and home please ouo!

outfit: answered!

home: unfortunately i havent found anywhere in this world yet that compares to pop star, so i mostly just rely on memories of that.. but i feel like ive been in a place like this (slightly flashy gif + water in link) on pop star before? as for robot stuff, i kind of feel at home in those steel stairwells that they have in a lot of hotels. a lot of stuff that makes me feel at home is very empty and pristine??? like this, this, this, this, this, and especially this

OTHERKN EDITION: Ask me stuff!
WHO: What do you identify as?
HOME: What places do you go that make you feel home?
MEMORY: Describe one of your favorite memories of your other life.
LISTEN: Make a playlist to describe your kin identity.
HABIT: Do you have any mannerisms or habits associated with your kinself?
DIET: What foods do you eat to feel closer to your kinself?
CRAVINGS: Do you ever get weird cravings or urges?
COMMUNITY: Who is your favorite kin blogger?
ERA: How long have you been otherkn? How did you find out?
FUR: Draw a picture of your kinself or selves.
OTHER: If you could have chosen your kintype, what would you want to be?
SLEEP: Describe a dream you've had of your identity. No matter how vague.
OUTFIT: What's your favorite kin-themed outfit?
CUSTOM: Ask anything else!


hopeless aromantic


should i watch elizas story mode? actually the better question is: is big band in it?


should i watch elizas story mode? actually the better question is: is big band in it?


「New 3DS」 きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅマホロア+ タランザ

I saw the new trailer for New Nintendo 3DS featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I really like it a lot. so I decided to draw Magolor and Taranza in similar style of clothes like everyone else in the video get transformed into (+ Taranza’s Kyary Kirby Puppet too) (*^▽^*)

Am I doing this right? (*´・v・)

im feeling wayyyyyy better than normal today i have so much positive energy rn hehehehhe!!!!!